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Cold email still has a future
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Woodpecker is a campaign management software specialized in cold email marketing.
This solution allows you to generate leads through the automation and planning of your email sequences.
A good way to broaden your horizon and attract new prospects.

Basic features:

    • Use with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Mailgun, SendGrid and any email account
    • Follow-up automation
    • Reply detection (if you get a reply, further follow-ups are automatically stopped)
    • Opens & clicks tracking
    • Send your emails one by one so that they are not marked as spam
    • Integrate Woodpecker with your other tools (via Zapier, PieSync or another API)
    • Export your contact lists to your CRM
    • Work with your team
Woodpecker Review
Finally a platform that offers real added value and turns to those who practice cold email marketing. Cold emailing is the process of sending unsolicited emails to prospects. Unlike spam techniques, this practice is intended to be respectful and for the sole purpose of prospecting. Thanks to Woodpecker for getting out of the "politically correct" and thinking about business development...
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The most famous platform that allows Cold Email Marketing in a respectful and skillful way.
Sequence planning, including sending emails one by one
Detection of obsolete e-mail addresses
Very good customization features
Price from $40 / month
Woodpecker offers good automation features but it is necessary to leave the application to do a follow-up (CRM and other applications)
Cold email still has a future
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