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100% French solution at competitive prices
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Mailjet is a French solution that mainly uses the Google Ireland platform (they were formerly hosted by the French OVH).

Initially offering a basic solution (where email personalization was not even part of the functionality) and dedicated to transactional emails, they have now evolved significantly to match fierce competition.

The platform now wants to offer a complete solution, in particular by offering:

– customization and segmentation functions
– an automation module
– team and workflow management
– sending SMS messages
– email effectiveness tests (A/B tests but also A/X (test up to 10 different emails at the same time)
– a real-time monitoring tool

In addition, mailjet is positioned as a European player by offering a website and support in 4 languages (French, English, German and Spanish).

The rate is based on the number of mailings and not on the number of subscribers.
This is very interesting for customers who have a large email database but have a limited rate of sending, for example, monthly.

From 0 to 30,000 mailings, the rate is $9.65 or $20.95 (if you want extended features). Which seems very competitive to us.

Mailjet Review
100% French solution that we have been following for a long time. It is a good solution for SMEs, complete and at attractive prices.
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French solution and support in French, English, German and Spanish
A solution that is completed over time
The ergonomics of the platform
Advanced contact segmentation
A/B testing but especially A/X testing
The possibilities of collaborative work
Aggressive pricing based on the number of emails sent per month
Free formula (but beware of deliverability), limited to a maximum of 200 emails per day
Automation features lagging behind its competitors
Delivability not always at the top (according to the testimonies collected)
The newsletter editor remains quite limited despite the drag and drop function with responsive templates
Your data is stored at Google so is it GDPR friendly?
100% French solution at competitive prices
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