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Coaching is included in the price
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At the beginning, this solution was only a PC software published by the French parent company Sarbacane.

Over the years, a web solution has developed and established itself.
Offering a choice between an application (PC or Mac) and an online formula may appeal to some companies.
Indeed, this allows them to keep their database of recipients locally (on PC or Server). This is important for companies that have a policy of banning the storage of their data in the cloud.

This is not the only originality of Mailify.
The company also positions itself as an agency specialising in e-mail marketing. This is felt from the home page of the site, Mailify aims to sell you advice. This is an undeniable advantage if you want support, or even coaching, to optimize your e-mail marketing campaigns.

In addition to these two features, Mailify offers several services focused on transactional and automated e-mails: sending e-mails but also SMS, automation (e-mails & SMS) and some integrations (CMS, CRM, Zapier + API Rest).

Their offer starts at 59€ per month and includes e-mails, SMS, Automation but also support by phone, chat, e-mail.

Mailify Review
A solution that offers a solid and stable solution specialized in transactional and automated emails. The possibility of being helped and advised will please some. The possibility of storing your DB internally to others... Does Mailify position itself as a compromise between a do-it-yourself service and a specialized agency? It is up to you to answer this question, according to your needs.
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Free telephone calls
Website and support in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese
Possibility of being advised or even coached (telephone, chat, email)
Possibility of SMS campaigns
30-day trial period
Possibility of storing your database internally if using the software
Prices from 59€ per month (but the accompaniment has a price, right?)
Non-transparent pricing (need to call the sales team)
Their automation functions would benefit from further development
The segmentation system would benefit from being more intuitive
Coaching is included in the price
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