If simplicity is important
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EmailOctopus is an English e-mail marketing platform created in 2014.
Its objective is to offer a low-cost e-mail service that ensures high deliverability.

Features include a template and form editor, as well as an auto-response function (Automation).

We will regret the absence of some features such as A/B Tests or event-driven e-mail sending or the ability to extract recipients who clicked on a link, for example.

Their support has a good reputation and seems to be responsive.

Special feature, EmailOctopus offers you the choice between direct sending via their servers or via those of Amazon SES.

They offer integration with more than 500 apps + an API.

In terms of pricing, it offers a free plan (2500 subscribers) and their Premium plans start at $20 ( (1 to 5000 subscribers).

EmailOctopus Review
EmailOctopus offers an email sending platform that is easy to use and manage. The support is responsive and caring. And the essential functionalities are well present and of high quality associated with reasonable prices.
Reader Rating1 Vote10
The simplicity of its sending process
The support seems responsive and effective
The ability to use Amazon's services to reduce costs
Its integration possibilities with many Apps
Lack of advanced features
The impossibility of segmenting databases on the basis of behaviour
The limited number of templates
The little difference in price between sending with or without Amazon SES services
If simplicity is important
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