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One of the champions of automation
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If you want to use ConvertKit only to send your newsletters, you may use the application at 5% of its capabilities.

Because ConvertKit’s strength lies in its automation features and conversion tools. Moreover, the platform is positioned as the ideal email marketing solution for professional bloggers.

Many users have told us that they registered with ConvertKit as soon as their first email marketing provider started showing its technical limitations. They found here the tools they were looking for to build audience loyalty and turn their subscribers into customers.

What is also striking is that there is little criticism on the platform, which is rare.
But the explanation probably lies in the fact that the ConvertKit team listens to its users, responds to them, analyses the remarks and tends to correct them quickly. This is an attitude that we welcome because it is unfortunately not widespread enough.

ConvertKit is an email marketing and automation platform, created in 2013, which offers an impressive number of functionalities: unlimited sending of messages, drip campaigns, re-sending of unopened emails, email sequences, tagging, visual editor of sequences and scripts, management of sales funnels, creation of forms and landing pages, many integrations, advanced customization functions, 24/7 support, etc.

All these advanced features (and surprisingly easy to implement) have a cost: the first pack starts at $29.
However, all packs, even the first price, have access to ALL features. The only difference is the number of subscribers.
It is not very widespread, appreciable and it deserves to be highlighted!

ConvertKit Review
The platform offers advanced automation and conversion capabilities. The power of the functionalities is intelligently compensated by a use that is made easy, especially by visual editors. Those who live from blogging, promotion or online sales should test this service provider without delay. The team, unanimously, was quite impressed...
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Easy to configure automation system
Extensive segmentation of contact lists
Sophisticated tagging system
Visual sequence editor
Many integrations (91) + Zapier + API
Management of landing pages and sales funnels
No charge for duplicate contacts (in multiple lists)
Unlimited sending
All features available from the first price pack
24/7 support
High price policy for customers with a large number of subscribers
Perfectible A/B tests
Site, interface and support in English only
For Europeans, data hosted in the USA or Poland?
One of the champions of automation
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