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A varied and complete offer
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In 2014, ActiveCampaign was considered an outsider in the field of email marketing. Since then, ActiveCampaign has built one of the best products in the field.
It can thus compete with former market leaders such as Mailchimp or Aweber.

ActiveCampaign is a complete email and automation solution.
It is used by more than 75,000 companies worldwide.
It is easy to understand this success because the offer of functions is complete: answering machine, trigger, tagging, tracking, scenarios, scoring, etc.

ActiveCampaign describes itself as the “all-in-one marketing platform”, allowing you to send fewer emails for better results.

ActiveCampaign allows you to collect data on your contacts and send them scheduled newsletters as well as automated e-mail series (auto-responders).

ActiveCampaign is the first to have democratized marketing automation, formerly offered by extremely expensive solutions. This allows its use by VSEs/SMEs.

In addition, it allows you to be connected to various platforms such as CRM, e-commerce and other applications. Many free plugins also allow you to connect it to all CMS.

Chat support is available but telephone support is not available.

Interesting features:

  • Contacts management by list or tag (according to your own criteria)
  • Retrieving contact information from profiles on social networks (a rather rare feature)
  • Creation of personalized scenarios (trigger marketing)
  • Periodic cleaning (optional) of your lists to remove inactive people (according to your criteria)
  • Re-launch of abandoned baskets (Ecommerce)
  • Email retargeting
  • Ranking your contacts, for example, according to lead scoring
  • Forwarding campaigns only to new contacts in a list
  • Statistical analysis of your email performance
  • A/B tests
  • Etc.


ActiveCampaign Review
The platform offers advanced marketing tools for a variety of online marketing processes and tasks, including ecommerce. In addition, the solution offers you tools to optimize your contact bases. Ideal solution for users who need professional features, who use e-mail marketing as an essential sales channel and for whom English is not an obstacle. She's in the top three of the editorial staff.
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Very good email deliverability (if basic rules are respected)
Aggressive rates from $9 for 500 contacts
Flexible and scalable solutions
Ease of use of the interface (excluding advanced functions)
Efficient contact management and data enrichment
High-performance and sophisticated customized scenarios
Performance of A/B tests
Among the best automation functions tested
Even allows you to integrate your visitors browsing habits
Can satisfy very demanding users
Optimal use of advanced features requires learning
Integrated CRM tool is basic. More efficient solutions exist on the market
Telephone support is not available
The data is stored in the United States
A varied and complete offer
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