About us

Why these free tests?

We started doing these tests long before we decided to create this blog.
We are a group of 4 consultants who need the best platforms for our campaigns but also to advise our customers.
This is why we decided to divide the tests of these different platforms in order to have, together, a global view of the market.
Then, we decided to make it available to the community of users of these types of services.

What do you get out of it?

1. NOTHING. The four columnists publish the results of their work free of charge.
2. The pleasure of creating a User Community. Collect your opinions and remarks (and take them into account). Share our discoveries with you or share yours! (Yes, the historical bases of the web!)….. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, you won’t regret it… 🙂
3. Our system to reduce costs (site hosting, subscriptions, Piet, our webmaster) is transparent (see below).

What is your “financing method”

To reduce our costs, here is what we have implemented We carry out our tests independently.
And we want to keep it that way.
Your trust and our reputation depend on it.

As some site owners have offered to pay for the traffic we send them (affiliate links), we have decided, to keep our editorial independence, to accept this principle of ALL or NONE.

So we asked all the owners of the tested sites, their affiliation links, under the conditions listed opposite.
These explanations are the guarantee of our honesty and our concern for transparency towards you.

Notice to the owners of the tested sites

Here is the charter of this site
– As indicated opposite, we carry out our tests independently and we value our editorial freedom.
– If we accept the affiliate link system that pays for the traffic we send you, we have decided to ask ALL relevant sites to do so.
– This system has no influence on the results of our tests or our opinions. 97% of the sites contacted decided to accept this principle whether our opinions are negative or positive.
– As our opinions are honest and justified, you can contact us if you need more detailed information about our tests to improve your services.
– The rating is a mix of ours and those of our subscribers. This is constantly changing, we can’t do anything about it. –

Unhealthy minds who wish to put pressure on our team will be reported on this site…